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I create unique, bespoke shoes with an absolute respect for the traditions of shoemaking, combining my know-how with a love for original design;  for a client that expects quality and luxury.  Every one of my models are entirely made by hand with leathers and skins which are created and sourced from the finest tanneries. The first essential step of the process, is to meet with my client, this usually happens in the clients home, which allows me to assess my clients individual aesthetics. Then together we elaborate the concept of your ‘dream’ bespoke shoe. Once I have taken key measurements, we will work together to determine how you would like the shoe to be shaped, the height of the heel for example, and of course your preferred colour choices and any details that are important to you. The next stage is the fitting, where you will try your shoe on to ensure it is fitting correctly before the final pair is finished and delivered.


Wearing a pair of bespoke shoes is a sign of elegance, refinement and a pledge of seduction


Measurements are taken all around the foot and at several critical points on the foot,  from your ankle to your calf. These measurements are then translated onto a ‘last’ made of beech wood, turned and formed into your very unique foot form. 

This form will most likely evolve over the years and therefore follows you all your life, with little adjustments made when necessary.


For each height of heel it is necessary to have a different shoe last created.

Drawing and Designing

After our very first meeting, you will describe your dream pair of shoes and I will then set about drawing and designing based on your morphology but also in keeping with your personal style and your wishes.


Depending on your measurements and the support of your arch etc, we will collaborate to determine the optimal height and shape that will provide comfort while still looking fantastic.


Master Maurice Arnoult bequeathed me very unique shoe shapes that provide exceptional arch support, they create a shoe which give the appearance of walking on air, even on the higher heel models.


I create high heel shoes according to the desired height (as determined by the client) and their chosen ‘theme’. All fantasies are permitted and we can have a lot of fun creating your dream pair of high heels.


The heel itself is usually created in abs, wood or metal and are shaped by specialised craftsmen. I will then coat the heel in the same leather/skin as that of the shoe, e.g. in leather or raw laminate depending on the material of the shoe.

High heels can of course be embellished with jewellery, rivets or embroidery. There are so many fabulous details that we can work with to make your bespoke high heels even more spectacular or discreet and simple. The options are limitless.

Choosing the leather or skin for your bespoke shoes

Kid is most known for a firm hold, its extra fine grain and for the huge choice of colours available. 

Calf skin is beloved for its suppleness and endurance.

Lambskin for the piping.

Reptiles and fur skins are chosen for their very original and textural rendering.  The use of contrasting coloured linings will give your shoes

an extra touch of refinement.


The technique I use to create your bespoke shoes is called ‘welding’.

Each individual stage of pattern creation, pattern cutting, trimming, stitching, pinning, mounting, carding, display and finishing are done by hand, by me, in my atelier in Apt, Provence.

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